• NYAA #11 – Lockdown Podcast With Katie

    We are all on lockdown! We are in our second week of social distancing. Which means some stir crazy teenagers.  My daughter, Katie, and I, sit down to talk about the lockdown, social distance and what unfolds is an idiosyncratic podcast.  Enjoy!

  • NYA Hammered Mushroom Hour #7 Naked Brewing

    Bob and I met up at Naked Brewing, in Huntingdon Valley, to record a planning session for our series on hazing and Greek Life at Bloomsburg University. We had a blast while enjoying many of the fine beers Naked Brewing had to offer. We took some time to get the full story on Naked Brewing…

  • NYA Hammered Mushroom Hour #6

    Bob and I discuss what our kids are listening to, the ongoing debate about sex in TV and film. We preview an upcoming podcast series about alcohol on college campuses and the roll of the Greek system.  Enjoy!

  • NYA Hammered Mushroom Hour #5

    During this episode of the Hammered Mushroom Hour, we are back in Philly with Kevin to discuss what we’re streaming. We go down a few rabbit holes!

  • NYA Hammered Mushroom Hour Ep. 4

    During this episode of the Hammered Mushroom Hour Bob and I are recording at a secret, offsite location, overlooking Rittenhouse Square. We are joined by Kevin and Pat. We enjoyed a few drinks, some amazing vegetarian cuisine and watched the Sixers pull out an amazing win. Enjoy!  

  • NYA Hammered Mushroom Hour Ep. 3

    During this episode of the Hammered Mushroom Hour we take a look at Social Media: the good, the bad and the ugly. Social media is here to stay and has become a big part of our lives. Many like being connected but at what cost? Our listeners asked us to talk about how social media…

  • NYA Hammered Mushroom Hour Ep. 2

    This episode of The Hammered Mushroom hour covers a variety of topics submitted by our listeners. We take deep dives into Corporate Taxes, Condiment Phobias, College Admissions and a few other topics. Enjoy!  

  • #10 – TKE Open 2018 (Uncut)

    We had an amazing time broad casting from the 18th hole at Raven’s Claw for the 31st Annual TKE Open. This is the extended and uncut broadcast of interviews and discussions with many of the golfers, supporters, and brothers and little sisters of TKE Pi Beta. Enjoy!    

  • NYA Hammered Mushroom Hour Ep. 1

    The Hammered Mushroom Hour is a companion broadcast to Not Your Average Amigos. My co-host, Bob, and I will be discussing a variety of topics. On this episode, we’ll discuss how we envision the future for our children. Enjoy!    

  • #9 – George Zerumski

    I’ve known George Zerumski for over 10 years. Much of the music gear I own can be traced backed to George. In this episode, we are going to talk about George’s passion for photography and how he made the leap to full time photographer. George is a very dynamic individual as he’s still a part…