Show #4 – Ted Hodgins

Ted Hodgins is a seemingly everyday joe who works in the communications and entertainment industry. That alone, is not very average. What makes Ted stand out is his long standing commitment to our alma mater, Bloomsburg University of PA. He’s been on an alumni advisory board for the past six years and recently was selected to sit on an exclusive committee to appoint the new president of the university. He also has three children who all attended Bloomsburg. His love for photography and his children’s athletic prowess has made for some memorable moments captured on film (or disk). Ted is Not Your Average Amigo.

Show #3 – Cody Verrett

What a great time hanging out with Cody Verrett. Cody is an old friend and fraternity brother. He mentioned his work with mobility devices, last Summer, at our annual, memorial golf outing. I was intrigued. Cody has first hand experience with mobility and rehab devices. His mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, when he was just four, which left her needing rehabilitive care and the use of mobility devices. Cody is now working with a leader in complex rehabilitive/mobility devices. He also works with congress in getting meaningful legislation passed to protect access to complex rehab equipment.  Cody has a great spirit and focus. He’s not your average amigo!

Show #2 – Kevin Bennett

What a great time catching up with Kevin Bennett.

Kevin has such a fascinating story. Having an early music career to almost not going to college, to making life changing leap by moving to Russia, Kevin never ceases to amaze.

His story telling ability and keen wit have kept me entertained and amazed for as long as we’ve known each other.


Show #1 – Phil Drucker

I had a blast getting caught up with Phil Drucker.

I’ve known Phil for about 14 years. We are neighbors and have forged a close friendship over the years. What made me think of Phil, for the first podcast, was his extensive background in photography. We’ve spent many hours discussing his views and approach to the subject that many struggle with everyday.

Phil’s beautiful work with landscapes is inspiring. He finds amazing imagery in the simplest forms.

Well, I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder.