NYA Hammered Mushroom Hour Ep. 4

During this episode of the Hammered Mushroom Hour Bob and I are recording at a secret, offsite location, overlooking Rittenhouse Square. We are joined by Kevin and Pat. We enjoyed a few drinks, some amazing vegetarian cuisine and watched the Sixers pull out an amazing win.



NYA Hammered Mushroom Hour Ep. 3

During this episode of the Hammered Mushroom Hour we take a look at Social Media: the good, the bad and the ugly. Social media is here to stay and has become a big part of our lives. Many like being connected but at what cost? Our listeners asked us to talk about how social media can be used for light humor and as a support network when friends and family fall ill. The biggest question is: “What about the permanence of all we post?”



#10 – TKE Open 2018 (Uncut)

We had an amazing time broad casting from the 18th hole at Raven’s Claw for the 31st Annual TKE Open.

This is the extended and uncut broadcast of interviews and discussions with many of the golfers, supporters, and brothers and little sisters of TKE Pi Beta.




#9 – George Zerumski

I’ve known George Zerumski for over 10 years. Much of the music gear I own can be traced backed to George. In this episode, we are going to talk about George’s passion for photography and how he made the leap to full time photographer. George is a very dynamic individual as he’s still a part time bassist in the band Modern Titan. George has a passion for photographing landscapes as well boudoir photography. You can find Big George Photography and Big George Boudoir on:









You can find Modern Titan on:



#8 – Jeff Sawyer

Jeff Sawyer is a good friend who has been amazing me with his musical talents over the last 15 years. We met through work. Eventually, Jeff shared some original music he composed. Not soon after he formed his current band, Run To Sandy. I was very impressed with the talent of the musicians in the band and the writing. I strongly encourage you to check out the band online at www.reverbnation.com/runtosandy. Or catch them live, here in the Philly area. Jeff and I covered many topics. Most of it about music but, sadly, we found ourselves discussing the recent tragedy in Florida. It really hit home as we both have children in local schools. Please give it up for Jeff Sawyer.

#7 – Steve Legato

Steve Legato is an old friend who is an accomplished photographer and musician. He shared stories of his work with the New York Times photographing some well known culinary locales and chefs. We spent some time discussing our shared musical interests, especially the band Rush. He ended the podcast with a special musical treat. Enjoy!

#6 – Bob McCullough

Bob McCullough is a very good friend, fraternity brother, big brother and one of the most articulate people I know.

We’ve been getting together for dinner, at the holidays, the last several years. A year ago, Ted Hodgins (episode #4) said I should run with the podcast. So, at this year’s dinner, I asked if Bob would come on for an episode. He was incredibly enthusiastic about the idea. What transpired, since our dinner, was a significant change for Bob. A crossroads. His candor and humor made for a memorable episode which we aptly named, the “How Did We Get Here?” podcast.


#5 – Solo Amigo

Solo Amigo! I wanted to share some updadates and focus on recent revelations. I had a great discussion with my friend David Trebich who joined me last year to meet President Obama. Funny how a year later and I am still receiving such good vibes for a selfless act. Listen and you’ll have a few special surprises.

So, here’s a little something extra: the first five (5) listeners who correctly identify the Easter Egg, “LINT BALL”, will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Email me and if you get it correct, you are doing some shopping!